How It Works

Every Wish Experience Begins With A Referral

You can also help us to transform a child and his/her family’s lives during some of their most difficult trials – as a wish creates an opportunity for hope, strength and joy.

A child must meet the following criteria at the time of referral…

  • Aged between 3 and 17
  • Diagnosed with a critical medical condition, i.e. a progressive, degenerative or malignant condition that is placing a child’s life in jeopardy
  • Receiving medical treatments in Hong Kong or Macau (regardless of nationality and permanent resident of Hong Kong/Macau)
  • Not having had a wish granted by Make-A-Wish Hong Kong or affiliates before

Who Can Refer A Child And How?

We accept wish referrals from doctors, parents/guardian, medical professionals, social workers, volunteers – or even the children themselves! You may download the recommendation form and submit via email, fax or post. You may also contact your doctor or medical social workers for enquiries.

What Can a Child Wish For?

A child’s imagination is at the heart of everything we accomplish together. Spark the imagination and the Wish Team will do everything to create, experience and walk along the Wish Journey with the child. S/he doesn’t need to have a wish in mind to apply; we are happy to catch wishes together with the Wish Children!

Wish Journey Starts!

Once the application is received and approved, the Wish Team will catch the one true wish with the Wish Child. All the child need is to spark his/her imagination and create a unique Wish Journey!

Wish Journey begins!


FAQ: Know more about Make-A-Wish!

No. Children* between the ages of 3 and 18 diagnosed with critical illnesses (including but not limited to a progressive, degenerative or malignant condition), receiving medical treatment in Hong Kong or Macau are eligible to apply.

*regardless of nationality and permanent resident of Hong Kong/Macau

Yes. Everyone can refer children to apply for a wish, while every referral requires the verification of the child’s treating doctor.
We found mostly
1.Medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and medical social workers;
2.Parents and legal guardians; and
3.Children themselves
taking the first step in approaching us.

No. As long as they receive treatment in Hong Kong or Macau they can be referred to the Foundation, regardless of nationality.

No. All wish expenses will be fully covered under our Wish Guideline. We aim to give both the child and the family a memorable wish experience without having to be burdened by financial concerns. Meanwhile, we strongly encourage the community to support wishes in any manner they see fit, sharing hope, strength and joy with the Wish Children.

No. We believe that every child has the right to a wish regardless of their family income. The happiness and strength brought along by a wish cannot be determined by a price tag.

A wish can be anything that a child has a deep longing for. It can be visiting their favorite countries or places (like visiting Google Headquarter), meeting their idol; having a tailor-made gift or a birthday party, transforming into heroes or princesses, or giving back to the society or helping people in need. You don’t need to have a wish in mind to apply. We encourage children to spark their imagination, think BIG and speak out the one-true-wish! We are happy to catch, design and realize the Wish Journey with the children and their families.

There are restrictions to the content of one’s wish; the wish cannot contribute directly to medical treatment or facilities (except for wheelchairs) for example. All wishes will be reviewed before being granted, to ensure it is achieved in a safe and adequate manner.

No. We can only realize one-true-wish for every Wish Child.

Our board of directors is responsible for reviewing a child’s wish in accordance to Wish Guideline; the wish is granted based on the child’s own will, in a safe and adequate manner.

Yes. All public disclosures of the child’s story and photos will be made with consent. We do however encourage families to share the joy of a wish come true, to spread our message deeper into society, and create more life changing Wish Journeys!

Yes. While participation varies depending on the wish itself, we encourage family members or people of significance to the child’s life to accompany them on this wonderful Wish Journey. Doctors and nurses are welcomed as well when the child’s condition requires regular medical attention.


Refer a Child Now

If you have any questions about the wish process, give us a call on (852)3101 9688 or email and we’ll be happy to help.