Make-A-Wish Hong Kong’s first online fundraising flag sale and charity sales with specially designed flags and memorabilia featuring Pixar characters. Join us to help create life-changing wishes for kids with critical illnesses!

The First Flag-Selling Fundraising and Charity Sales Program of Make-A-Wish Hong Kong

Make-A-Wish Hong Kong is holding it’s first-ever flag-selling fundraising and charity sales program. The theme of the program – “Let’s Make A Wish!” – signifies the start of a Wish Journey together. Make-A-Wish Hong Kong aims at deepening the public understanding of the mission and services of its organization and raising fund of HK$400,000 which will go directly to granting life-changing wishes for children with critical illnesses.

Make-A-Wish is the world’s largest wish-granting organization that aims to help children aged 3 to 17 with critical illness to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy. A wish creates an opportunity for hope and the ability to experience life beyond illness. Serving as a supplement to medical treatment and complement one another as acknowledged by healthcare professionals, Make-A-Wish believes that a Wish Journey – through which a child articulates, refines, and realizes his/her wish – will bring a transformative impact not just to the child concerned, but also to the child’s family as they tackle some of their most difficult trials in life.

Limited-Edition Flag Sheet & Memorabilia Featuring Pixar’s Characters

Supported by The Walt Disney Company (Hong Kong) Limited, a flag sheet showcases beloved characters from Pixar’s movies is designed to support this fundraising program!

A series of limited-edition memorabilia is also launched for this program. These precious memorabilia include “Let’s Make A Wish” Wish Coin featuring the most signature icons of Pixar – the Pixar Ball and Lamp; and “Wish Catching” Tote Bag which showcases beloved characters from Pixar’s movies. This unprecedented collaboration is intended to help more Wish Children’s wish come true.


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For every online donation of HK$100, you will receive the entire commemorative flag sheet featuring Pixar’s characters! Help create life-changing wishes for the Wish Children to enrich their experience with hope, strength, and joy!


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Pixar movies are full of innovation and creativity. Likewise, every Wish Journey is a spark of imagination and creativity without boundaries, bringing hope, strength, and joy to the Wish Children! Please support to create life-changing wishes for these children with critical illnesses!

“Let’s Make A Wish” Wish Coin

The “Let’s Make A Wish” Wish Coin features the most significant icons of Pixar – the Pixar Ball and Lamp, a very precious coin with great collection value.

For every donation of HK$500, you will receive a “Let’s Make A Wish” Wish Coin. Support the Wish Children and empower them to embrace what will come next!


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“Wish Catching” Tote Bag

The Wish Team will visit the Wish families in person and help the Wish Children to uncover their most cherished wishes! From the moment of Wish Design to Wish Day, you can contribute and help the Wish Children experience life beyond illnesses!

For every donation of HK$300, you will receive a “Wish Catching” Tote Bag featuring Pixar’s characters. Let’s capture the one true wish together with the Wish Children!


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Want to have them ALL?

For every donation of HK$900, you will receive one set of memorabilia that includes a wish coin, a tote bag, the entire flag sheet, and an appreciation certificate!


Gifting the Memorabilia to Wish Children

You can purchase the memorabilia for our Wish Children as gifts. We will pass them on behalf of you as unique gifts to the Wish Children so they can feel your support and care.

Support Us

Any forms of participation are welcome! We encourage organizations, schools and companies to donate and help promote this meaningful event.

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