“I wish to have an iPhone 12 Pro”

– Pui Ying, 16, Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma


A Wish of a Considerate daughter

Despite the difficult trial that our Wish Children go through, many children remain very considerate and care about the people around them. Like Pui Ying who was diagnosed with cancer and needing a new phone since her phone was a hand-me-down of a relative and was beginning to lack storage. She did not ask her parents for a new one as she did not want to add onto her family’s financial burden, knowing that her treatment was already expensive. Therefore, she wished for a new phone through Make-A-Wish.

Our Wish Team granted her Wish on the last day of treatment as the best celebration! Along with the new phone, the Wish Team also gifted her a customised phone case with her initials engraved, which brought a huge smile to her face, and to ours alike.

Acknowledgement: Li Ka Shing Foundation

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