I wish to go to the theme park in Japan.

– Hiu Man Wish Child of 2016


Hiu Man was a big fan of My Melody, and her wish was to go to the theme park in Japan. Throwing back to the trip, she enjoyed various thrilling amusement rides and bought numerous My Melody merchandise.

Although in the eyes of many people, this might just be an ordinary vacation, for Hiu Man, it brought her abundance of positive energy and happiness.

Back when the wish team first spoke to Hiu Man about her wish, she expressed her love for Biology and her thought to become a doctor or nurse in the future. In addition, she established a rapport with different healthcare professionals during her hospital treatments and always wanted to gain a deeper understanding of their work.

Even after Hiu Man recovered, she still keeps contact with some of the doctors. Their relationship is like that of friends, they discuss everything, from sharing updates to her pursuit of the nursing course. Under the inspiration of her healthcare professional friends and consideration of her interest, Hiu Man decided to study nursing program and realize another childhood wish. Now, Hiu Man is studying the nursing program at the university!

Hiu Man became more positive and eager to face adversity after her wish came true which changed her entire life. She also became one of our volunteers, hoping to inspire other Wish Children through her own story. She encourages Wish Children to fight the illness and overcome all other challenges during medical treatment positively, so as to realize other dreams of their lives in the future.

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