A small music party to spread happiness

“I wish to have an upright piano.”

— Janice, currently a Social Science student at university

What does music mean to you? In 2006, 7-year-old Janice had dreamt to be a musician. Diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, music became the elixir of Janice. Her mom decided to realize her wish with us when seeing her genuine smile.

The Wish team hoped to bring an unforgettable wish journey to Janice – a surprising party on the Wish day. During the party’s preparation, Janice’s mum asked, “Can we invite those who are in the similar situation of Janice?” “Why?” “I wish to share the joy with other families to ease their pain and tiredness.”

On the Wish day, a group of adorable children gathered at Janice’s home, having the music-themed party together. A magician was also invited to this delightful celebration, and his wonderful performances successfully impressed everyone in the party. Here comes the happiest moment on that day, the wish-come-true moment! “I have never thought that my wish could come true!” Janice couldn’t even take her eyes off from the piano!

To Janice, this is her first and the only piano she has had in her life. No matter she’s happy or sad, music is always the best companion. Every time when she plays, she thinks of her beloved ones who loves her and cares about her during her lows.

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