“I wish to be a barista.”

– Robin, 18, Central nervous system mixed germ cell tumors

【I can’t believe all these experiences happened during my Wish Journey! 】

Since Robin has participated in a coffee workshop at school, he could not live without coffee and set his goal to become a barista in the future!

When our Wish Team first met Robin, we prepared different coffee beans and taught him the basic concepts of coffee. He also tried to brew the first cup of coffee to represent a good start to his certified barista course.


Robin hasn’t been to school for a while due to the class suspension. He was worried about his learning progress. But after he started the course, he thanked our Wish Team for preparing the lessons with him so he could catch up on the course easier.

To further encourage Robin, our Wish Team, American Express volunteer team, and The Third Bakery joined hands to make Robin’s Wish come true.


On the Wish Day, Robin successfully made over 20 cups of coffee that day with generous help from The Third Bakery’s team.

Robin made every cup of coffee with his gratitude and sincerity. This is because he wanted to thank his family and teachers for accompanying him along his journey. We were all impressed by Robin’s effort and left encouragement messages to him at last.

After his Wish was granted, Robin said he has never imagined these experiences could happen in his life. He was surprised and built confidence in becoming a barista in the future!

Acknowledgement: American Express, The Third Bakery

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