“I Wish to Have a Gaming Laptop.”

– Shangrong, 17, Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


My Wish will help pave the way for my future career!

Shangrong is fiercely passionate about computers. Computers and electronics fill every part of his life. Although his critical illness has impacted the movement of his limbs and muscles that he requires the assistance of a wheelchair, his dedication towards learning about computers is unwavering. He is always looking forward to his computer class at school to hone his skills in drawing and designing video game programs.



“I Wish to Equip Myself for the Future!”

As the Wish Team and Shangrong worked closely together to explore and uncover his Wish, he thoroughly explained and expressed his desire to have his own gaming computer. He has ever since been earnestly learning more about computers at school to equip himself with the knowledge and skills. In the future, he aspires to establish a career in computer-related fields.



Working Together to Amplify the Wish’s Far-Reaching Power!

After listening to Shangrong’s motivation, the Wish Team felt honored to be able to play a role in his career planning. To maximize the power of Shangrong’s Wish, the Wish Team involved his family, teachers, social workers and therapists to understand more about his needs. This allowed the Wish Team to prepare the appropriate computer equipment that suits his needs. This included a graphics tablet, computer mouse, headphones, keyboard and wrist rest.



Feel the Joy by Taking Part!

On the Wish Day, when Shangrong saw the Wish Team at school, he broke out into a wide smile, and his teachers, social workers and therapists also shared the joy of seeing Shangrong’s Wish become a reality. We opened all the presents with Shangrong and let him try the computer equipment for himself.

Shangrong’s teachers relentlessly praised him for being a bright child and believed that he would put the computer to good use. They encouraged him to take part in video game designing competitions in the next few years to gain experience and reap skills that he can use in the future.



After the Wish Day, Shangrong’s family shared “I am very impressed by the dedication of the Wish Team and how they worked with his teachers to cater Shangrong’s needs”.

Shangrong also sincerely prepared a thank you note to everyone involved “Thank you Make-A-Wish and Uncle Li (Ka-Shing) for making my Wish come true. I am overjoyed to receive the computer! I will continue working hard”!

We hope that Shangrong will continue to pursue his goals and passion. We look forward to witnessing his accomplishments and success in the future!

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