“I wish to have a piano.”

– Yeung-hei, 4, Severe Aplastic Anemia


The happiest moment I spend with my sister every day

Yeung Hei has finally completed two years of treatment. He was extremely excited prior to Wish Day, he would ask his mother “When is my piano arriving?” in anticipation every day.

Yeung Hei is a polite child and has a close relationship with his older sister. Despite his young age, he developed a keen interest in learning the piano under the influence of his sister. His hobby was learning to play simple songs from his sister, thus he wished to have a piano of his own and to play it with her.

To prepare for his Wish, our Wish Team visited piano stores to learn about different models of piano. Since Yeung Hei’s mother planned to enroll him in piano lessons, our Wish Team picked a piano that could fulfill his learning and exam needs in the future. We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude to Tom Lee Music for gifting Yeung Hei some Disney sheet music books.


After the Wish was delivered to Yeung Hei’s home, we received his mother’s message as well as a clip of Yeung Hei expressing his appreciation. She shared,

“I witnessed my child be filled with hope and excitement through the entire process from making the Wish to it finally coming true. He was incredibly happy and thankful that his Wish came true in the end, and he hopes he could have the ability to help others in the future”.

Yeung Hei’s bright smile melted our hearts. We sincerely hope you will maintain your original intent of learning piano and will continue to fully enjoy the happiness that music brings you.



Acknowledgement: Tom Lee Music, Li Ka Shing Foundation

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