“I wish to learn pastry making at Le Cordon Bleu”

– Ka-mei, 17, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

“The wish was my motivation and my strength to get through all the lows.” 

Ka-mei has a round, beautiful face, and her lovely smile leaves a warm impression. The medical treatments she went through would make most people frown; yet she makes light of her experience. She had to go through another surgery six months after her chemotherapy treatment due to avascular necrosis, a side effect of her treatment. “Although it was tough, I have never given up all these years. I am still young and there are so many things that I am yet to experience.”

She talked about her dream while our Wish Team visited her after her medical treatment. She loves making all types of desserts since she was 13. During her treatment, she spent most of her time in the kitchen. Cooking is therapeutic for Ka-mei, as it soothes the anxiety and worries caused by her sickness. It was how Ka-mei’s wish was formed: she wishes to learn dessert making from the top pastry chefs at Le Cordon Bleu. With better skills, she would turn her creations into more joy for her guests. Ka-mei said, “My mother and little sister are my big fan. It is very gratifying to see them enjoying my dishes.”

Finally, she went on her Wish Trip during her birthday month! The experience of studying in Le Cordon Bleu in Paris became the most valuable experience in Ka-mei’s life to date. Taught by the top chef in the school, Ka-mei mastered the secret skills of making macaroons, pastry puffs, fruit tarts and baguettes very quickly. “I was really satisfied, but I gained quite a bit of weight!” Ka-mei laughed.

One day, Ka-mei was asked to stay behind after class. The reason became clear when the volunteers of Make-A-Wish France walked towards her holding a delicate chocolate cake prepared by the chef. “Oh right! Today is my birthday!” She laughed. Hope you enjoyed your birthday surprise as well as your fascinating Wish Journey, Ka-mei!

Acknowledgement: Le Cordon Bleu, Make-A-Wish France, Ruby Tuesday

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