[Delightful Meeting With Kouki]

-Easion, 11, Spindle Cell Rhabdomyosarcoma

「I wish to meet Kouki」

On Eaison’s Birthday, the Wish Team wanted to ensure he had the most happy and unforgettable birthday experience. The Wish Team took him out to buy birthdays gifts, and accompanied him throughout the day. As the day progressed, the Wish Team managed to chat discussing his one true Wish, and after several Wish catching sessions an idea sparked in Easions mind, meeting one of his favorite YouTubers Kouki who often plays Minecraft and a variety of different video games.

Before his Wish Day, the Wish Team gave some tasks for Easion to complete such as preparing questions he would like to ask Kouki and any activities he would like to participate in. The Wish Team simultaneously contacted Kouki via the Make-A-Wish Taiwan team to prepare for the online meet up to be held as Easion`s after exam celebration.

On his Wish day, Easion e-met Kouki. They played multiple games together including mini games on Minecraft. The Wish Team and Easion’s mom were extremely grateful to witness the joy and hope a Wish has brought to Easion. Easion’s mother shared with us “ Letting Easion to independently choose his Wish was extremely significant, it allowed him to really connect and feel the joy that his true wish came true.”


Acknowledgement:Make-A-Wish Taiwan and Kouki

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