I wish to be a vet

Ashley, 6, Bladder Rhabdomyosarcoma

“I wish to be a vet !”

Ashley is a shy and quiet girl, but when she hears anything about animals, you will see sparkles in her eyes. She didn’t talk much when the Wish Team tried to catch her Wish, yet she proudly presented us with her collection of animal plush toys at home. She even took good care of the “injured” one by patching it up with a bandage and shared her Wish of taking care of different kinds of small animals, especially rabbits, with us.

The Wish Team joined hands with Pets Central to grant Ashley’s Wish. They taught her how to do medical check-ups for rabbits and dogs, as well as how to stitch wounds and use various medical equipment. Ashley enjoyed the learning process and found solace when interacting with animals. We hope Ashley will continue to pursue her dream of becoming a vet as she grows up!

Acknowledgement: Pets Central

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