A Journey to Real Madrid’s Stadium

“I wish to watch a home game of Real Madrid in person.”

— Andy, currently studying social science (and still a football fan!)

“A Wish reminds me of a beacon of hope that I might have forgotten. I know how hard the hurdles in life would be; but please stay positive and you will finally overcome.”

Andy, being passionate for football since childhood, is a big fan of the Real Madrid football team. In 2012, he unbelievably realized his long-awaiting wish – watching a home game of Real Madrid in live at the stadium in Spain. What surprised him a lot was that he seized the precious opportunity to take photos with the famous football players and got a jersey from Marcelo Vieira!

He firmly believes that the unexpected Wish Journey brings him not only joy, but also the motivation to win the seemingly endless battle against a critical illnesses and an inspiration to pursue his ultimate dream, “The world is too beautiful not to visit on my own.”

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