Nothing is more important than family time

“I wish to go to Japan with my mom”

— Hin, currently work as a chef

“I was happy yet worried during the Wish Journey!” Meet Hin’s mother, an energetic and optimistic lovely lady who puts her children on top priority, sharing their joy and tears.

In 2002, the 3-year-old Hin was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a sickness that his mother had never heard of. She hid all the sadness and anxiety at the bottom of her heart, yet tried her best to cheer her son up and walked along the medical journey with him. “When he knew that he can make one wish come true, he immediately thought of going to Japan with me”, his mother smiled. All the 3-year-old boy knew about Japan was his favourite character Woody. What mattered most was that his mother was going with him!

“I was worried of my other two children during the Wish Journey, but I was relieved when seeing the big smile on Hin’s face”, said his mother. Hin is now pursuing his dream of being a chef. No matter what they do, the family chooses to have their family trip every year. “The family time is what I treasure most in my life.”

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