Wish Child. Wish Alum. And a Wish Volunteer.

“I wish to meet Super Junior”

— Ivy, currently works as an intern at a social enterprise, and still a big fan of Super Junior!

In 2001, 17-year-old Ivy, as a die-hard fan of Super Junior, did not hide her deepest love towards her favourite idol, “I admire their determination of pursuing their dream.” Seven years ago, she could eventually realize her seemingly impossible wish – meeting them in person after overcoming big challenges. This journey brought courage with her in fighting against her critical illness.

“When I feel frustrated or sorrowful, recalling those precious memories on Wish Day boosted my spirit, and I take a deep breath and tell myself, don’t worry.” The news clippings of her story are still postered on the wall, as an encouragement to her in conquering obstacles.

The wish team spared no effort in fulfilling her wish, which inspired her to extend this selfless love by devoting herself in voluntary services. “I feel lucky to gain the unconditional support from the wish team. When I realized my long-awaited wish, they felt what I felt. Happiness could be really simple. I saw the children regaining hope, my happiness are beyond words. That’s why I get motivated in exerting myself in volunteering.”

“There is always a hard time in your life, but you will never be alone.” says Ivy, a blessing to Wish Children.

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