What if you have a robot dog?

Ian, 10, Acute leukemia

「I wish to have Aibo, the robot dog!」

Ian is learning about coding and has always been interested in mechanics. His Wish is to have an AI dog to keep him company, namely the Aibo.

The delivery was delayed due to the raging pandemic. During the long wait, Our Wish Team brainstormed many ideas about naming Ian’s AI dog, places they are going to have fun, and things they will do together!

Finally, Ian was able to receive his long-awaited robot dog, Aibo! He was excited to see such a cute doggy and jumped for joy! We hope Ian and his doggy Aibo create many unforgettable moments. More importantly, we hope this Wish encourages Ian to keep building up his knowledge on coding and look forward to seeing his AI work in the future!

Ian’s Wish has been fulfilled by the support of Jockey Club Wish Planet Project, which is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

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