“I wish to create 8 identical LEGO homes!”

– Carys, 10, rhabdomyosarcoma

10-year-old Carys is very passionate about creating her own designs using LEGO. In her leisure time, she would watch tutorial videos online and combine her own ideas to create small LEGO decorations. Being diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, she spends long periods at home receiving treatment. This has given her more time to create bigger and more complex LEGO homes, as well as put her LEGO decorations and furniture into these homes, experiencing the joy of being an interior designer.


“My wish is to personally build a home and give it to my family and the people who have taken care of me.”

Coincidentally, Carys saw a Wish Story relating to LEGO on our Make-A-Wish website. She spontaneously thought of an idea: Sharing is caring. She hoped to thank her family, the medical staff who have taken care of her throughout her treatment journey, and Make-A-Wish by sharing her own LEGO creations. Afterwards, we started discussing with Carys what her dream LEGO home would look like. How many floors would there be? How many rooms will it have? What type of furniture would there be? How will the characters be designed? After Carys had an initial idea of what she wanted, she told us that she hoped to create 8 identical LEGO homes. She would keep one at her house and give the remaining seven to the people who have helped her.

There is no impossible task.

After listening to Carys’ Wish to create 8 identical LEGO homes, the Wish Team immediately got to work. We had the honor of getting the help from Lego Certified Professional Andy and a team of volunteers to make this impossible project possible. For 7 consecutive days, we arranged for Carys to work at Andy’s studio and have her own designated work station. When Carys entered the studio that was filled with LEGO pieces in all shapes and sizes, her eyes immediately lit up.

In these 7 days, Andy assisted Carys in designing her LEGO home, while Carys’ mother took time off from her job to work with the Wish Team volunteers to make the 7 other identical LEGO homes. This project that looked impossible was finally accomplished.

We now have the pleasure of having one of the LEGO homes in our Make-A-Wish office. Thank you, Carys!

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