I wish to be a Game Programmer

Brian, 21, 急性淋巴性白血病

“I wish to be a Game Programmer!”

Video games provide Brian with an escape from both physical and mental discomfort. When fully immersed in the game, he feels as if he has become one of the characters, and this gaming experience has inspired him to share his experiences with other players.

The Wish Team collaborated with Madhead, a renowned game developer and Brian’s dream company, to fulfill his Wish. We organized a mock interview for Brian to help build his confidence and improve his interview skills before the official interview at Madhead. Brian dedicated himself to the preparation for this interview.

After putting in hard work, Brian successfully passed the official interview and embarked on his game development journey. It was his first time creating a game using the game engine on his own, and Brian was filled with excitement and satisfaction.

Brian surprised himself by achieving more than he expected. Despite facing tasks that seemed impossible, his passion and never-give-up attitude turned what he thought was impossible into a reality. His supervisor was very pleased with his performance. We look forward to witnessing the future accomplishments of this aspiring game programmer, as he continues to share his experiences with more players and spreads the positive energy of Wishes to everyone.

Acknowledgement: madhead

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