“I wish to have an iPad for my online store development”

-Alvis, 8, Langerhans Cell histiocytosis

Despite still being a kid, Tsz Long is already the owner of an online store. While he was receiving his treatment, he noticed his mother’s habit of online shopping. He then did some research and build his very own online store. His relatives and even the doctors and nurses became his customers.

Tsz Long is very assertive and he spends a lot of time studying things he likes. Every time he visits a supermarket, he likes to stand near the cashier and watch how the POS system works.

The Wish Team promised to recommend his online store to their colleagues. They also ordered something so that Tsz Long can take care of the orders while he waits for the Wish Day to come.

While visiting Tsz Long’s home, the Wish Team noticed there were notes of Tsz Long’s online store posted everywhere, including information about the delivery process, etc. His family even got him a cupboard for his inventory. The team also noticed Tsz Long handwrites labels for different merchants. Therefore, they surprised him with a labeller. Tsz Long was so amazed as this was actually his birthday wish.

Tsz Long has been actively developing his online store’s business. He hopes to learn video editing skills through an iPad. After knowing he’s granted a wish, he did some research and compared different tablet models.

Besides giving Tsz Long an iPad as a gift, the Wish Team invited HKTVmall to arrange a tour to introduce Tsz Long to the operations of HKTVmall’s online store. HKTVmall takes this invitation seriously. They treat Tsz Long as a business partner and prepared a detailed presentation. On the other hand, Tsz Long was very mature and attentive. He wore his favourite color, pink, and even prepared some questions for the team from HKTVmall. For example, the membership programme, how to become a business partner, and how to sell his merchants on HKTVmall.

Tsz Long’s mother said, “I haven’t seen Tsz Long smile so happily in a while. You are all very considerate and you know what he needs”.

On Wish Day, Tsz Long and his family made us some dorayaki, to thank our support to his online store.

The message card designed by our team became the logo of Tsz Long’s online store

The Wish Team gave Tsz Long a Wish card, with everyone’s blessings written on it. Tsz Long liked it very much so he decided to use it as the logo of his online store.

Tsz Long’s Wish has been fulfilled by the support of Jockey Club Wish Planet Project, which is funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.
Acknowledgement: HKTVmall, Zung Fu House

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