On Kei’s close meeting with penguins

On Kei, 15, Rhabdomyosarcoma

「I wish to feed penguins!」

When the Wish Team first contacted On Kei, she was optimistically receiving treatment for Stage 4 Rhabdomyosarcoma. She loves animals, especially penguins. Therefore, she wished that she could feed and play with the penguins.

Due to the pandemic, On Kei’s Wish Day was delayed. After She has completed one of her chemotherapy sessions, the Wish team encouraged her by sending a Ukulele to continue her treatment. She shared that she brought the Ukulele with her every time when she returned the hospital for check-up.

While waiting for the Wish Day, the Wish Team also went to the children’s hospital to visit On Kei. We talked about the itinerary and the amusement ride she wanted to play the most.

Meanwhile, the Wish Team heard this interesting thought, we started to contact Ocean Park, inviting them to accomplish On Kei’s wish together. Turned out that it was the breeding season for penguins at that time, so if we needed to encounter them, we needed to consult the vet’s professional advice to prevent affecting their breeding.

There was a typhoon on the Wish Day, the team was worried that it would affect the trip. Luckily, they were blessed with fine weather. On Kei could play her favourite ride with her family. They also won lots of prizes at the carnival booth.

Then, they went for a lunch at “Tuxedos Restaurant” where On Kei and family sat by the window next to the penguins. On Kei got to firstly say ‘hello’ to the penguins!

Here comes the highlight of the day! On Kei put on a warmer outfit and entered into Polar Adventure. Then, the Ocean Park team introduced about the characteristics and behavior of penguins.

Then, 5 to 6 1-year-old penguins waddled into the room! On Kei was melted by their cuteness and lovely movements. She not only cuddled the penguins and fed them with fish, but also play with the penguins with bubble guns. On Kei and her family had never imagined that they could interact with the penguins at such a close distance.

“Everyone was enthusiastic and volunteered to help us. I was so impressed. The photographer was funny. Miss Lo was very thoughtful. And the penguin babies were so cute! Since our daughter got COVID, it was the first family day in the past six months. It was the most relaxing day in the past half year. Thank you so much for the Make-A-Wish Team, gave us a memorable day!” On Kei’s mother shared with us.

During Wish Day, On Kei told the team secretly that that day was her mother’s birthday, which is why her whole family celebrated together. After the Park visit, they enjoyed a staycation at The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong. Thank you the Fullerton team for preparing wonderful surprises for On Kei’s family which made On Kei’s wish day and her mother’s birthday so special!

When On Kei accomplished her own wish, she and her family enjoyed a fun-filled day after experiencing half year treatment and created priceless memories together on the Wish Day. This is the power of a Wish!

Acknowledgement: Ocean Park Hong Kong and The Fullerton Ocean Park Hotel Hong Kong

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