“I wish to watch a Premier League soccer match in England”

 – Nathaniel, 8, Neuroblastoma

As a big fan of soccer, it would be a wish-come-true moment to watch a world class soccer game at the stadium of one’s favorite team! The 8-year-old Nathaniel is a soccer fan, who always watches Premier League matches with his father since he was in kindergarten. A thought has been deep-rooted in Nathaniel’s mind, “It would definitely be more exhilarating if I can watch a match at the stadium!” Diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, Nathaniel has gone through 6 months of tough medical treatments; yet he still devoted his heart in his favorite sports and even joined the Arsenal Soccer School (Hong Kong).

Is Arsenal the boy’s favorite team? Nathaniel shakes his head, “No! I like the teams that always win haha!” With the help from Julian, a generous long-term Make-A-Wish supporter, Nathaniel experienced an epic Premium League match at Old Trafford, Manchester United vs Chelsea, LIVE! A talkative boy like him was lost for words at the dream-come-true moment. Thinking back on his Wish Journey, Nathaniel hummed the songs of two clubs and said, “A wish is priceless!”

Acknowledgement: The Peninsula Hong Kong, Mr Julian Kam

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