My Childhood Memory of “Hot Dog Bus

“I wish to visit KMB bus depot.”

– Thomas, 2013 Wish Child


Thomas, as a loyal fan of buses, had taken the bus to school since he was in primary school. He was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and suspended his school life. Unfortunately, the non-air-conditioned buses (commonly known as “hot dog bus”) he took daily were retired during his treatment in 2012.

He missed the chance to take the bus, representing a vital childhood memory. Therefore, he wished to visit the bus depot to see if he could see the retired bus again.

After months of preparation, Thomas’s Wish came true in 2013! On Wish Day, the KMB team prepared a huge surprise for him, parking the same bus model in the bus depot. Thomas and his secondary school immediately rode on the bus, pretending to go to school as usual.

Thomas recently shared with us his journey in the past ten years. After recovery, he graduated in aviation management at university and worked for the MTR Corporation. It turned out that his wish and his experience after recovery were closely related to transportation. Thomas shared his Wish made up for the regrets. It also gave him and his family and friends unforgettable happy memories that they all created together.

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