“I Wish To Be A Veterinarian!”

– Harvey, 13, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

“Dr Harvey, could you please help my pet?”

Imagine that you were a 12-year-old boy, an animal lover who dreamt to be a vet. One day, you get to put on a uniform and examine your pet buddies while listening to the worries and concerns from their owners. Could there be anything in the world that would compare with such fulfillment? This is the story of Harvey.

When Harvey shares his love and knowledge for animals, particularly elephants, cats and dogs, you could hear the kindness and tenderness in his voice.

He always knew he wanted to become a veterinarian, yet he was reluctant to reveal his true self by words during his medical treatment. Until the Wish Team broke the ice with his favorite topic – animals, he was encouraged to speak out his wish. “Have you thought of your wish-come-true?” said the wish volunteer. Harvey’s eyes sparkled, “Can a far-reaching dream like this really come true?” Walking through the ups and lows, the parents could not be more satisfied when seeing the enthusiasm on Harvey’s face. They decided to roll up their sleeves and designed Harvey’s Wish Journey with us!

A wonderful Wish Journey like Harvey’s wouldn’t come true without the help of a group of generous and talented individuals, especially our special volunteers this time – Jace the kitten and Bo & Jill the doggies! On his Wish Day, he was going to celebrate his birthday with relatives while his parents surprised him by bringing him to the pet clinic. The astonished boy was frozen in front of the door, until he was aware of his life-changing moment, “I am going to be a vet today!”

After Harvey put on his a new uniform and a stethoscope, he took a tour of the veterinary clinic and got right to work. He started examining cats and dogs by checking their ears, looking at their paws and listening to their hearts, like a professional. The mother was amazed, “It is probably how my son looks professionally at work when he grows up!”

Walking along the Wish Journey, Harvey was more determined of his future, “Thank you for everything to realize my wish. I am sure that I will try even harder to pursue my dream from now on.”

Acknowledgement : CityU PAVC 城大太平道動物診所, dog volunteer Bo and Jill, cat volunteer Jace, Fox Image and Max Cheung

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